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Our Sires

The magnificent studs that sire the very best puppies

Info coming soon

Interested in stud services? Click here to view our Stud Services page

Click on an image below to learn more about each dog


CKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Standard Poodle


Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog Stud


Mini Poodle Stud

CP Stud 2


poodle stud

Cavapoo Stud

cavapoo stud

BD Stud

BMD Stud

bernese mountain dog
We believe in providing the best life possible for our breeding dogs.

Many of them live with us in our home as family pets being loved on by our family.  We can’t keep all of our breeding dogs in our home so rely on “Guardian Homes.” 


Guardian Homes provide a loving home for our breeding dogs when we are not using the dog for breeding purposes.  The Guardian Family receives a puppy to love as their own.  During breeding and whelping the dog stays with us; and then goes back home afterwards.  When the dog exits our breeding program we spay/neuter the dog and the Guardian Family gets the dog to keep. 


It’s a win-win-win.  The dog gets a loving family and doesn’t spend its’ life in a crate or kennel, we can keep diversification in our program, and the Guardian Family gets an amazing family pet.  To learn more about becoming a Guardian Home click here. 

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