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Our Dogs

What makes our dogs so special?

Our goal is to provide beautiful healthy puppies for loving families.  We’ve procured what we think are the best of the best from around the world to ensure we are providing you with the best of the best. 

Click here to meet our Mama Dogs.

Click here to meet our Studs.

Family Pets First

Our dams and sires either live with us in our house or are in Guardian Homes and given all the love in the world; what we expect a family pet deserves.

Check out “Our Program” for more info.

Careful Selections

Every breeding dog is health tested and genetic tested before we consider a paring.  After extensive health testing we choose female and male pairings based on genetics and temperament to provide you with a healthy, happy, loving, beautiful family companion.

Best of the Best

Originally all of our breeding dogs were imported from all over the world.  This takes a bit more planning, a bit more research, and a bit more work.  However, the results speak for themselves.  By combing the world for the absolute best dogs we have extreme diversification in pedigrees.



Our dogs must absolutely love and respond to their humans.  They must be intelligent, able to train, and well mannered. 


Genetic Diversity

Our dogs pass all genetic testing and are genetically diverse.  One of the issues plaguing purebreds is inbreeding.  We provide extreme diversification by casting our net worldwide.  When we add a dog to our program we ensure the dog passes all health testing before the dog is even considered as a breeding dog. 



We are looking for dogs that are the perfect example of their breed in physical traits.  Majestic, gorgeous, stunning.  Looks that will stop people in their tracks and say “Wow! That dog is beautiful.”

How we provide you with the healthiest, best puppy:

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