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Our Family

More than dog breeders

When our family decided we were going to start breeding dogs we knew one thing for sure: We
were going to be uncompromising with the quality of our program; from the dogs we breed, the
health of the dogs, to the facility, to the families our puppies go to. We wanted to do everything
as best as possible for us, the families or breeders that receive one of our puppies, and the

Join our extended family

We believe in providing the best life possible for our breeding dogs.  Many of them live with us in our home as family pets being loved on by our family.  We can’t keep all of our breeding dogs in our home so rely on “Guardian Homes.”  Guardian Homes provide a loving home for our breeding dogs when we are not using the dog for breeding purposes.  The Guardian Family receives a puppy to love as their own.  During breeding and whelping the dog stays with us; and then goes back home afterwards.  When the dog exits our breeding program we spay/neuter the dog and the Guardian Family gets the dog to keep.  It’s a win-win-win.  The dog gets a loving family and doesn’t spend its’ life in a crate or kennel, we can keep diversification in our program, and the Guardian Family gets an amazing family pet. 

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This is a family affair

Bernedoodle Boutique is the brainchild of Becky Meins and is a family affair.


Becky grew up with Bernese Mountain Dogs and horses. She has a knack and love for animals; and animals have always especially loved her back. She always dreamed of the opportunity to breed dogs with the hope of sharing her passion, love, and knowledge of animals with her family and the world.

We are a family of 5: Becky, her husband Curt, and their 3 boys.  The entire family loves on puppies, trains them, and helps with chores.


With Becky’s natural gift for animals, coupled with a degree in biology, she is the perfect person to head our program to offer the best possible Bernedoodles, Poodles, and Bernese Mountain Dogs.  Becky has a wealth of information and never stops seeking and learning ways that could benefit our program and customers.  If you talk to Becky for a minute you will be energized by her passion for what we do. 


Curt helps with the “business” side of the business and the marketing.  He is also the resident facilities director, handy-man and maintenance man.  However, you can certainly catch him laying on the floor snuggling with puppies. 


Peyton, 13, is an expert cleaner.  He ensures the “puppy room” is clean and safe for the puppies to explore and play.  He also sneaks in a few cuddles during the cleaning process; and after. 


Bowen, 10, is our “Creative.”  He helps Becky with photoshoots and temperament testing.  And of course there are plenty of cuddles and kisses to be given during the process. 


Nolan, 7, is Becky’s protege.  He is such a love with plenty to give: And he gives so much love to every single dog and puppy in our home.  However he does have a favorite: Zola.  Zola is a Bernese Mountain Dog and the very first dog we purchased to start our program.  


Our breeding dogs either live with us in our house and are loved as our pets or are kept in Guardian Homes and loved as pets.  Our puppies start their life in our living room and the cuddles start shortly thereafter.  When the puppies ween from their mama they are moved to a specially designed “puppy room” which is an environment designed for cleanliness and play for the puppies.


From birth until the time puppies go home they are mentally and physically stimulated and loved on by our entire family. 


Every bit of what we do is strategic to offer you the best puppy possible; but for us it feels like second-nature because we truly love what we get to do.   


We offer the most beautiful, loyal, intelligent family pet money can buy.

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