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Our Program

It all starts with ensuring our breeding dogs have the best life possible.

Our dogs are not bred until all health and genetic testing is completed. Pairings are selected based on size, temperament and appearance producing the healthiest, most beautiful, well behaved puppy possible. 


Our breeding dogs either live with us in our home or are in Guardian Homes and loved as pets. Our moms and dads are part of a family and our puppies are raised in our home as creatures to be loved on. 

All of the dogs in our program are fed a nutrient rich diet specifically formulated for their body type, age and season of life. We work with a specialized reproductive Veterinarian that provides competent and compassionate care to ensure the highest quality of life for our dogs and puppies.  


Pairings are selected based on size, temperament, and genetics. Given the variety of breeds and sizes in our program, we are confident we can pair a male and female to produce a healthy loving puppy to perfectly match your needs and wants.

We strive to pair you and your family with a beautiful, healthy, loyal companion.

Training and exposure begins at 3 days old.

Puppies are presented with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to introduce puppies to mild forms of stimulations and stressors. These stimulations kick-start their neurological system and improve their natural abilities and coping skills. The US Military discovered they could improve the performance of future military dogs by providing timely and appropriate neurological stimulation exercises during the neonatal period. The results are staggering. Although it takes time and commitment every day, the puppies that receive ENS training are better suited to deal with environmental stressors for the rest of their life making for a spectacular well rounded dog. 

We specialize in ethically breeding the ideal family pet.

"Our joy is breeding yours." ™

Our puppies live in our home as part of our family. They are loved on and played with by each of us. We have the joy of giving your puppy its' first cuddle, its' first kiss, its' first bath and its' first socialization. When a puppy leaves our home it brings us joy knowing you chose a puppy from our program and are committed to ensuring a good life for your dog. The evident heart-felt excitement we get to witness on “Go Home” day makes our hours of work and the buckets of love we’ve invested worth it. Now it's your turn for joy

Health Testing

Every breeding dog in our program has undergone extensive health testing to ensure they are cleared for ethical breeding.  Mom’s and Dad’s are only bred when it is determined they are the very best representation of their breed. Our aim is to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Part of the Family

Our breeding dogs are loved and cared for as family pets and our puppies are raised in our home with our family.  Puppies are whelped in our living room. At 4 weeks old puppies are moved to a specially designed and built "Puppy Room" to keep them close to us in our home while allowing them the freedom to explore and grow in a safe and sanitary environment.

Exceeding Expectations

If you choose to make one of our puppies a member of your family you can expect a happy, healthy, intelligent, well-rounded dog that is dewormed and current on all vaccinations when it leaves our home.  We are excited you are considering our program to acquire your next family pet.  We love every single dog in our program and are excited to share our joy with you.

We have an uncompromising approach to raising puppies.

Puppies are whelped in a stress-free calm environment where mom's and puppies' safety is our number one priority. From the moment a puppy arrives in our home they are provided top tier care, training and love. We raise puppies in our home with us; not in a separate kennel. Puppies are loved on, played with and cared for by our whole family until the day they go home with you.


The puppies spend the first 4 weeks of their life in our living room with their mama, and then are moved to a specially designed and built puppy room so they can continue exploring, playing, learning and growing. 


We introduce puppies to potty-training techniques at 3 weeks old. This is started in their whelping area and then is expanded on when they are settled in to the Puppy Room. They learn there is a specific and correct spot to go potty.  It's amazing how fast puppies pick up on this! 


The puppies are introduced to crate training at 5 weeks. Although we don’t believe a dog should spend their life in a crate we recognize this is a valuable skill best learned as a puppy. We recognize there are times that your dog must be in their crate; whether it be for the night, while you are out running errands or at work, or you or your puppy just simply need a break. It’s the equivalent of putting a baby in their crib for a safe space. Crate training also aids tremendously to potty training.   


Temperament testing takes place at 7 weeks. Temperament testing gives the puppy a voice by exposing them to a deliberate, sequential and standardized test to analyze static and dynamic traits. This allows us to really understand “who” the puppy is. The results of this test enable Becky to make a puppy recommendation for you, based on your puppy application and interview, that will set you and the puppy up for success. Becky will work with you to match you with the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and family. 


All puppies are taken for a final vet visit and given an individual report card. At this wellness visit the vet looks very closely at each puppy and provides a detailed 3-page report card for your puppy.


Your puppy will go home with all vaccinations up to date. We provide a 2 year health guarantee and offer 1 month of complimentary pet insurance through Trupanion which you can continue if you wish. To help your puppy deal with separation anxiety as it transitions to a new home, we send along a Snuggle Puppy that has familiar scents and a heartbeat.

To help you get prepared for a new puppy check out "Getting Ready to Bring a Puppy Home."

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